The Installation Process

Fiber internet to your home is an amazing opportunity for our members, many of whom that are ready for it today.

Process for getting NE SPARC

Getting Registered

The process begins on our main page. Fill out your address to see if service is available in your area, to let us know that you are interested in getting service, and to acknowledge our Acceptable Use Policies.

Service Order

When NE SPARC is available in your area, we will call our members that have registered on our website to set up a service order. During this call, we will verify your information, explain the next steps of installation, and collect your first month’s payment. Once your service order is entered, it goes into a queue for our contractors.

Preparing the Service Drop

Our contractor will begin their installation with running a service drop from our mainline fiber to your house. The service drop will follow your power lines. If your power lines are aerial, the service drop will follow and be hung on the service poles. If your power lines are underground, the service drop will follow and be buried. Before service drops can be buried, 811 will be called to locate any additional services that are buried in your yard.

Once the service drop is prepared, it will be surveyed and checked for serviceability. If there are any issues with the service drop or its connection to our mainline fiber, repairs will begin to resolve them. Unfortunately, this may delay our ability to conduct the installation.


When the service drop is ready, a scheduler with our contracting group will reach out to set up an appointment for your installation. This step includes running our fiber jumper from the exterior of your home to a centralized location where our technician will set up our fiber modem and router. There are many factors that will determine how the technician(s) may attempt your install, including size of home and how it was constructed.

Due to demand and logistics, this process could take up to 3 weeks to get completed.